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Amid the Coronavirus scare, we will be continuing to fish and serve our customers. Please use common sense, if you have been exposed or feel you are at risk then please stay home.  Otherwise, consider a day of fishing with us!


Dare county is looking at a possible opening date around may 22nd. I hope Hyde will follow. I have been working on a risk management plan for my charters. We will be putting measures in place so that we can still serve the public while reducing risk.   We will require a face mask, or fishing apparel  that covers the face. This clothing is readily available at Tradewinds bait and tackle. A cooler solely for the charters use of food and beverages. We will not be hosting mixed charters. Your group will not mix with another group. Hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves and wipes will be on site and available. We ask anyone with suspect symptoms to notify us if they are scheduled to fish and ask that they take their temperature before showing to board. We are working to secure the best marine disinfectants to sanitize the boat before a charter. Whenever possible we will maximize air flow.   I am hoping our industry can show responsibility and leadership in difficult times to the economic, social and mental well being of our country. As a USCG license captain for thirty years safety has always been a priority  and I feel that it should be moving forward. I hope to see everyone soon.        


Capt. Steve Wilson